The fall of the House of Usher


Fear and terror seize the young Peter when he crosses the threshold of the House of Usher: a painful decadence has been hiding in disturbing shadows, which seem to be hiding mysteries ready to be revealed. Responding to the plea of ??his friend Roderik, the last heir of the family, Peter went to visit him. He finds him sad and pale, and shaken by relentless anxiety. Even his twin sister Madeleine is sick, and Roderik greatly fears for her life. Time stands still, reality loses its usual boundaries, everything becomes uncertain, disturbing, sinister.

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  • Media:

    Instant Downloadable mp3 Audiobook - 320k HQ Sound

  • Genre:

    Mystery & Thriller

  • Serie:

    Theatrical Performance (with narrations, dialogues, sound effects, and music)

  • Length:


  • Direction:

    Dario Penne, Dario Picciau

  • Starring:

    Gino La Monica (Peter), Dario Penne (Frederick), Marco Mete (servant), Bruno Alessandro (Majordomo), Dante Biagioni (dr. Flynn), Aurora Cancian (Madeline).
    Translation and Adaptation by Bruno Alessandro

  • Prod. Dir.:

    Matteo Cerutti

  • Snd Design:

    Andrea Bolchi

  • Sound Mix:

    Studio Bolchi

  • Dir. Ass.:

    Libero Stelluti

  • Voice rec.:

    CTA Digilab


  • 1.La caduta di casa Usher - Parte 1
  • 2.La caduta di casa Usher - Parte 2

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  • Published: 12 September 2010
  • ISBN: 9788864610061