Unmistakable sound. Crystal-clear sound.

The art of sound serving the audiobook.

LibriVivi unites great literature and the evocative sounds of cinema to create a new, unique audiobook style that is unparalleled in quality.

These audiobooks, works of art in the own right, are created using the most cutting-edge techniques pioneered by the European dubbing industry.

LibriVivi Audiobooks’ acoustics are unmistakable and are the end product of an entirely unique artistic process.

The recordings are made in real-life environments and then laboriously re-touched and refined, mixed together seamlessly with the actors’ voices using the most cutting-edge technology.

LibriVivi’s revolutionary “Sound Design” was pioneered in Milan’s prestigious Academy of Sound. These facilities consist of sound-recording laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment used capture and preserve the highest quality sounds, both in quality and authenticity. And finally, each audiobook is meticulously re-mastered to ensure the deep, resonating sound characteristic of LibriVivi Audiobooks.

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Style and passion

The unique sound of LibriVivi came from research and study of Andrea Bolchi, Sound Designer partner of the project that together with Dario Picciau has created a new kind of audio book, in line with the philosophy of LibriVivi, that allows the listeners to immerse themselves in the audio version of the narrative works.

A cinematographic work in every sense that besides representing the story in the audio version, is full of creative solutions, atmosphere as presented by the sound and the technical quality on the international level.