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your Italian.

The actors and voice actors of Italian cinema are celebrated throughout the world for their excellence in interpreting the big international Stars. Now, thanks to LibriVivi, you can learn Italian through their unique interpretations of the literary masterpieces, in a style reminiscent of cinema and theater.
It is the most exciting way to learn and perfect your Italian. Each work contains the eBook version, so you can follow the text while you listen.

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Hollywood voices give sound to your audiobooks.

An extraordinary cast for exclusive listening.


With LibriVivi, the Italian voices of your favorite Hollywood stars interpret the best of literature, poetry, and theater. The Italian

counterparts of stars like Anthony Hopkins, Robin Williams, Richard Gere, Michelle Pfeifer, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johannson, Bruce Willis, and many more are featured on LibriVivi.

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Listen to books the way you never have before.

LibriVivi are cutting-edge audiobooks that bring the greatest works of literature to life by means of new, emotionally engaging techniques that transform the book into a veritable “movie.”

The books are read with narrations, dialogues, sound effects, and music, thereby breathing new life into an ancient art form.

Unmistakable style. Crystal-clear sound.

The art of sound serving the audiobook.

LibriVivi unites the greatest works of literature with the theatrical effects of cinema and theater to create and emotionally engaging experience that is unique among generic audiobooks. These LibriVivi, works of art in their...

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