The audiobook becomes a movie.

Listen to literature as if it were a colossal work of cinematography, charming and emotional like the best of feature films, each with narrations, dialogues, sound effects, and music.

Colossal Audiobooks

The magic of theatre.

Sit yourself down in the front row and enjoy each nuance and subtlety of the theatrical interpretations, complete with music and sound effects recorded within the most famous and well-renowned Italian theaters.

Palco Audiobooks

The man, the genius, the voice.

The pure power of the voice, uncluttered by music, interprets poetry, theatrical monologues, and brief novels as it once did in the aristocratic sitting rooms of the past.

Recital Audiobooks

The tale as it was once told...

Do you want your children to be well-educated and good-natured? The LibriVivi fairy tales have been interpreted to meet the needs of young, impressionable readers, just as you would like...

Fairy Tale Audiobooks

Great works explaining civility.

A genre for everyone – children, parents, students – that teaches in a clear and modern style the great works of literature that deal with civility, human rights, and liberty.

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Bring LibriVivi with you always, in every situation and in total freedom

Take a journey with LibriVivi for new views on culture and discover day after day, while having fun, how to have more ideas, experiences and knowledge.

Enjoy the books you love most without worrying about anything. On your computer, in the street, school, office, gym, waiting room... everywhere.

When you buy a LibriVivi Audiobook you can add it to your digital library and take it with you always, wherever you want in every situation and in total freedom.

  • At Home

    In the bedroom, garden, living room and anywhere you feel comfortable.

  • At school

    To study, deepen your knowledge and learn while having fun.

  • While relaxing

    In the moments of rest, on the couch, on a hammock, in bed...

  • On the Move

    In the car, the gym, while jogging, cycling...

  • While Traveling

    A companion while traveling by plane, train, bus, at the subway stop...

  • Perfect Gift

    Like a book, but more than a book. A perfect gift for every occasion

  • With company

    Share your LibriVivi Audiobooks with your dearest, your friends and the people you love.

  • Fill in the free time

    During intervals or during lunch break, waiting in a line or in the waiting room...

  • On your Player

    iPod, iPhone, computer, MP3 player, CD, Hi-Fi...

  • At Home

    With just one click enter a world of adventure, feelings, and ideas...

  • Everywhere

    In the office or living room. At the beach or in the park. On a boat or while walking...

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