The Swan song


Vasili Svietlovidov, a stage actor, after an evening benefit in his honor, falls asleep in the dressing room and when he wakes up, realizes that hewas forgotten and locked inside the theater. There he meets his prompter, Nikita. The two remember the years of their youth and relive the glorious Svietlovidov’s career, who is now elderly and ill, reciting passages from the plays that were his signature roles during his long career, which is now coming to an inescapable decline.

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  • Media:

    Instant Downloadable mp3 Audiobook - 320k HQ Sound

  • Genre:

    Int'l literature

  • Serie:

    On Stage Performance (multiple actors)

  • Length:


  • Direction:

    Bruno Alessandro, Dario Picciau

  • Starring:

    Bruno Alessandro (Svietlovidov), Dante Biagioni (Nikita), Emiliano Coltorti (Narrator).
    Translation and Adaptation by Bruno Alessandro

  • Prod. Dir.:

    Matteo Cerutti

  • Snd Design:

    Fausto Dasè, Andrea Bolchi

  • Sound Mix:

    Accademia del Suono, Dasè SoundLab

  • Dir. Ass.:

    Libero Stelluti

  • Voice rec.:

    CTA Digilab


  • 1.Il canto del cigno

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  • Published: 04 February 2011
  • ISBN: 9788864610078