Love Extravagances


The sonnet “Stravaganze d’amore” is the first in a collection of love sonnets written by Marino di Napoli around 1597, possibly in response to the comedic theater text of the same name composed by Cristoforo Castelletti. Writer Roberto Malini found this original and unpublished text in 2009 in a Naples antiques dealer’s shop, and after more than 400 years of oblivion, this passionate text was restored to the public. The poet describes the profound torment caused by love’s fiery ardor, a passion that is probably homoerotic in nature given the fact that no female figures are referred to and the poetic language is fraught with anxiety; this may well be because of the risks incurred by “sodomites” in Marino’s day. Thus, the sonnet’s splendid verses describe the lover’s heart as being filled with “pride, ardor and excessive self-confidence,” with “insanity and arrogance” but also with “torment and fear” that the beloved, who is a “tyrannical rio (river?),’ will not be satisfied. The bitter consequences for the poet-lover are that his “torment leaves him in a state of constant hunger.” “Amori”, the collection of poems that follows, is dedicated to a “beautiful and cruel” woman, but also to “secret loves” and “loving thefts” to which only the poet’s sighs testify.

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    Acoustic reading

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    1h 51'

  • Direction:

    Dario Penne, Dario Picciau

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    Dario Penne

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    Matteo Cerutti

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    Andrea Bolchi

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    Libero Stelluti

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  • 1.Giovan battista marino (introduzione)
  • 2.Stravaganze d'amore
  • 3.Cantatrice crudele
  • 4.Poeta che canta
  • 5.Chiome sciolte
  • 6.Errori di bella chioma
  • 7.Rete d'oro in testa della sua donna
  • 8.Nel medesimo suggetto (1)
  • 9.Lontananza consolata
  • 10.Nel medesimo suggetto (2)
  • 11.Nel medesimo suggetto (3)
  • 12.Anfione di marmo
  • 13.Nel medesimo suggetto (4)
  • 14.Donna bella e crudele
  • 15.Inferno amoroso
  • 16.Beltà crudele
  • 17.Seno
  • 18.Seno (2)
  • 19.Occhi (1)
  • 20.Occhi (2)
  • 21.Occhi (3)
  • 22.Occhi (4)
  • 23.Occhi (5)
  • 24.Sguardo
  • 25.Occhi e mammelle
  • 26.Bella schiava
  • 27.Donna vestita di nero
  • 28.Amor secreto
  • 29.Gelosia
  • 30.Lontananza
  • 31.La lontananza
  • 32.Sogno
  • 33.Sogno (2)
  • 34.Sogno (3)
  • 35.Giuoco di dadi
  • 36.Giuoco di primiera
  • 37.Giuoco di pallone. Per una donna
  • 38.Giuoco di racchetta. Per la medesima
  • 39.Canto
  • 40.Bella cantatrice (1)
  • 41.Bella cantatrice (2)
  • 42.Pianto (1)
  • 43.Pianto (2)
  • 44.Madonna chiede versi di baci
  • 45.Piacere imperfetto
  • 46.Nel medesimo suggetto (5)
  • 47.Trastulli estivi
  • 48.Per la signora N. Vipereschi
  • 49.Pendenti in forma di serpi
  • 50.Treccia riccamata di perle
  • 51.Di Ravenna. Al sig. cavalier Andrea Barbazza
  • 52.Al sig. Rafaello Rabbia

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  • Published: 05 March 2011
  • ISBN: 9788864610641