Holocaust Poems (vol. 2)


Roberto Malini, who devoted himself to the study of the Holocaust and educational projects in its memory and honor, has met, especially in Israel and Italy, many Jewish survivors and 'Gypsies': to them he dedicated his "Poems of the 'Holocaust'. The poet also has his own versions of some poems of Italian authors who survived the Holocaust or gone to the fields of death: Caramel Henja and Ayala, Jankiel Wiernik, Paul Celan, anonymous Kovno Ghetto and the Sephardic communities of Greece, Wladyslaw Szlengel Tamara Deuel. He also proposed the anthem of the Roma people by Jarko Jovanovic, who records Samudaripen and the numerous persecutions suffered by many "nomads" in Europe.

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    Some poems from the audiobook interpreted by the author himself. Acoustic reading

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    Dario Penne, Dario Picciau

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    Dario Penne, Roberto Malini

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    Matteo Cerutti

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    Andrea Bolchi

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  • 1.A Herbert Sandberg, artista sopravvissuto alla Shoah
  • 2.Il cielo su Auschwitz
  • 3.Bandiere
  • 4.I ragazzi e la guerra
  • 5.La mia preghiera, di Tamara Deuel
  • 6.Un angelo
  • 7.Litania
  • 8.Alberi e fiori, a Friedl Dicker-Brandeis
  • 9.Le baracche di Fossoli
  • 10.Il silenzio dei violini
  • 11.Quaranta lapidi
  • 12.Gelem gelem: l'inno del popolo Rom
  • 13.Teplice, a Friedl Dicker-Brandeis, artista Viennese, educatrice a Terezin, morta ad Auschwitz nel 1944
  • 14.I tuoi occhi (a Liliana Segre, sopravvissuta ad Auchwitz)

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  • Published: 22 June 2009
  • ISBN: 9788864610184