The Portrait of Dorian Gray


In London of nineteenth century, the charming Dorian Gray holds a terrible secret. He signed a pact with the devil: he will remain eternally young and beautiful, while his wonderful portrait will grow old for him, losing grace and beauty, portraying grimaces of pain and remorse, showing how deep and dark is the gulch in which his soul continues to fall. A soul dedicated to the cult of the eternal beauty, seduced by the pleasures and abundances, a slave of desire that burns and sweeps away all obstacles and scruples. A soul that deludes itself that life is an endless decadence, but eventually, discovers a very different truth.

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  • Media:

    Instant Downloadable mp3 Audiobook - 320k HQ Sound

  • Genre:

    Int'l literature

  • Serie:

    Theatrical Performance (with narrations, dialogues, sound effects, and music)

  • Length:

    4h 10'

  • Direction:

    Bruno Alessandro, Dario Picciau

  • Starring:

    Emiliano Coltorti (Dorian Gray), Gino La Monica (Narrator), Dario Penne (Lord Henry Wotton), Dante Biagioni (Basil), Bruno Alessandro (Lord Fermor), Perla Liberatori (Sibyl Vane), Fabrizio Picconi (James Vane), Marco Mete (Hubbord), Antonella Alessandro (Lady W.), Aurora Cancian (Lady Norborugh), Emanuela Rossi (Gladyes), Riccardo Scarafoni (Alan), Valentina Mari (Sick woman).
    Translation and Adaptation by Bruno Alessandro

  • Prod. Dir.:

    Matteo Cerutti

  • Snd Design:

    Andrea Bolchi

  • Sound Mix:

    Studio Bolchi

  • Dir. Ass.:

    Libero Stelluti

  • Voice rec.:

    CTA Digilab


  • 1.Basil Hallward e Lord Henry Wotton
  • 2.L'anima di Dorian Gray
  • 3.Lord Henry Wotton e Dorian Gray
  • 4.Sibyl Vane
  • 5.Passioni e colpe
  • 6.Basil Hallward e Dorian Gray
  • 7.L'innocenza perduta
  • 8.L'assassinio di Basil Hallward
  • 9.Alan Campbell
  • 10.Guarire l'anima con i sensi
  • 11.La vendetta di James Vane
  • 12.Rimpianti
  • 13.Segreti
  • 14.Uno splendido ritratto

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  • Published: 20 September 2010
  • ISBN: 9788864610368