A Christmas Carol


The old, grim and greedy Ebezener Scrooge hates Christmas. He hates that on that day you lose time and money. His heart is a safe full of money, his soul cold and unmoving and just when people are opening to the tenderness and joy, he locks himself up at home, alone, almost proud to be hated by all. But on a cold winter night, in the darkness of his empty house, an unexpected visit from three ghosts will begin an extraordinary journey through time for Scrooge to witness his past, the hidden present and the icy future that awaits him, if he continues to feed his heart with greed...

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  • Media:

    Instant Downloadable mp3 Audiobook - 320k HQ Sound

  • Genre:

    Int'l literature

  • Serie:

    Theatrical Performance (with narrations, dialogues, sound effects, and music)

  • Length:

    1h 49'

  • Direction:

    Bruno Alessandro, Dario Picciau

  • Starring:

    Dario Penne (Scrooge), Bruno Alessandro (Narrator), Dante Biagioni (Marley's ghost), Gino La Monica (The Ghost of Christmas Past), Emiliano Coltorti (The Ghost of Christmas Present), Marco Mete (Nipote, Fred), Aurora Cancian (Lucy), Perla Liberatori (Fanny), Emanuela Rossi (Nephew's Wife), Fabrizio Picconi (Bob), Riccardo Scarafoni (Topper), Antonella Alessandro (Thief), Giorgio Favretto (Fezziwig), Gabriele Martini (1st Businessman), Antonio Palumbo (2nd Businessman), Luigi Scribani (3rd Businessman), Paola Valentini (Belinda), Katia Simeoni (Marta), Bruno Conti (Joe), Giovanni Caravaglio (Cook).
    Translation and Adaptation by Bruno Alessandro

  • Prod. Dir.:

    Matteo Cerutti

  • Snd Design:

    Andrea Bolchi

  • Sound Mix:

    Studio Bolchi

  • Dir. Ass.:

    Libero Stelluti

  • Voice rec.:

    CTA Digilab


  • 1.Lo spettro di Marley
  • 2.Il primo dei tre spiriti
  • 3.Il secondo dei tre spiriti
  • 4.L'ultimo degli spiriti
  • 5.La fine della storia

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  • Published: 21 November 2011
  • ISBN: 9788864610528